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The Nikon D800's Hollywood debut on "Wilfred"

FX Network casts multimedia HD-SLR and NIKKOR glass for hit television series.

The Nikon D800 has started to make a name for itself on Hollywood's A-list, having been tapped by the FX television network to shoot its hit TV series "Wilfred," based on the critically acclaimed Australian series of the same name. “Wilfred” is the story of Ryan, played by Elijah Wood, and his neighbor’s dog Wilfred (played by Jason Gann). To everyone else, Wilfred is a dog, but to Ryan, he’s a full-grown man in a dog suit. “Wilfred” is currently the only television series on any major network to shoot exclusively on HD-SLRs. A Cinoflex Camera System solves some of the issues when converting from a camera for cinema to an HD-SLR. Captivated by the D800's unique feature set, the series’ director and executive producer, Randall Einhorn, immediately recognized the camera’s potential and spearheaded the use of the D800 HD-SLR. "The 36.3MP FX-format CMOS sensor adds a huge dramatic visual to Wilfred when we use an extremely shallow depth of field, it gives the surreal aspect the storyline needs and accentuates the rack focusing between Ryan and Wilfred, pulling

the two characters together the way they need to be," says Cinematographer Bradford Lipson, adding "The ability to go from full frame FX to DX cropped is a nice bonus, at times when we either need to boost our focal length or a bit more depth of field we can go into the cropped mode, it gives us the best of both worlds!" “Wilfred’s” production team noted other advantages of the D800 workflow, including the ability for the camera to shoot in 1.5x and 5:4 crop modes for a telephoto boost and enhanced depth; the uncompressed HDMI output for monitoring; and its wide dynamic range ISO. "The Nikon D800 handles contrast beautifully, the way it exposes in the shadows and handles black let's me utilize my style of lighting that I do on Wilfred. It really gives me fantastic freedom and flexibility,” says Lipson. Einhorn adds, “The quality and inherent character of the classic NIKKOR glass helps produce a look that’s just so attractive to the viewer’s eye—there’s nothing else like it.”


Nikon And Warner Music Group Team Up
To Rock South By Southwest 2013

Showcases to be captured by Nikon HD-SLRs & live-streamed Via "The Warner Sound" YouTube channel.

Following the success of the residency at the 2012 South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW), “The Warner Sound Captured by Nikon” will present two days and three nights of showcase performances at SXSW in Austin, TX, March 12th through 14th. All three evening showcases will once again be live-streamed via Nikon’s award winning D4 HD-SLR cameras on Warner Music Group’s premium YouTube Channel, “The Warner Sound” ( Built around exclusive access to musical talent, “The Warner Sound” offers an eclectic mix of specially produced programs, all with music at their core. Accessible worldwide, the digital video destination embraces a broad spectrum of genres and formats, from artist interviews, back-stage documentaries and live events to animated series, scripted comedy and experimental concepts that take advantage of YouTube’s unique technology.

“These D4s are far superior to the other products that are out there,” said Producer/Director Michael Thelin. “We had to set everything up the day of, to stream, and the cameras were the only thing that actually consistently worked throughout the entire process. He added: “What you see is what you get out of these cameras.” No effects or color correction were added in post. In addition to the live-streaming on “The Warner Sound” YouTube Channel, Nikon is returning for a second year as the title sponsor of the Warner Music residence at SXSW, offering fans attending the shows the opportunity to try Nikon’s newest Wi-Fi cameras at the event. Select artists will also be using Nikon cameras to capture imagery on their way to SXSW and share with their fans everywhere. The images and videos will be shared at